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Summer Fire Safety Key Messages

During Fire Action Week, 16-23 November, CFA brigades around the state will be opening their doors to their communities to talk about fire season preparedness. We encourage our members to share the following key messages with their communities.

This summer we are expecting above average temperatures which will result in more hot, dry, windy days than usual. Bush and grass will be very dry and fires will start more easily and burn faster and with more intensity.

You're at risk of fire this summer if you live near bush, grassland or coastal scrub. You need to understand your fire risk and know what to do.

Talk to your family and friends about the fire risk where you live and make plans for what you'll do on a hot, dry, windy day.

Leaving early is the safest option to protect yourself and your family.

If the Fire Danger Rating is Code Red, Extreme or Severe, you're risking your life if you wait and see what happens. Leaving early is the safest option to protect yourself and your family.

It's up to you to stay informed. Check the Fire Danger Rating for your area every day and act to protect yourself and your family by leaving early on hot, dry, windy days.

Don't wait and see. Leaving late is risky, it means that a drive that normally takes a few minutes could take hours and you may not be able to get out at all.

Don't rely on an official warning to leave. Bushfires can start quickly and threaten homes and lives within minutes.

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