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Rowville's very complex rescue

16th May 2011

The CFA and SES attended a very technical rescue on Stud Road just north of Kelletts Road Rowville early on Monday morning (16 May).

The call was typical of a complex training scenario that could have been ran in Fiskville for fire-fighters.

A Toyota Aurion sedan heading south left the roadway hitting and travelling over the Armco steel barrier and then demolishing and becoming impaled on the pedestrian bridge railing.

The car then ended up suspended from the edge of the bridge almost in the water below. What was faced by crews was one male out of the car either ejected or fallen out in the impact and almost drowning having his head held above the waterline with his arm trapped by a log in a deep running creek.

Also onboard was a five months pregnant woman with one leg trapped under the car. She was forced out by the steel railing that entered the front of the car near the radiator and exited through the glovebox and out via the passenger side front door. A third person, a male in the rear passenger seat also suffered injuries.

As the vehicle was very unstable and ran the risk of sliding into the creek, multiple security points were affixed to the vehicle via chains and winch lines.

Senior Station Officer Don Wilke from Dandenong fire brigade was the Rescue Commander co-ordinating both the SES and CFA rescue teams on-site along with Incident Controller Lieutenant Bennett from Rowville brigade.

The complexity of the call necessitated a large variety of specialised equipment including high and low pressure airbags, Stabfast stabilisers, multiple hydraulic cutting gear along with vehicle winches and other rescue tools.

The call came in right on midnight and the stop was placed on the call at 02:12 am. CFA crews from Scoresby, Rowville and Dandenong along with Knox SES were onscene. Police blocked Stud Road to allow crews to work unhindered and the injured victims were either flown by the Air Ambulance or road crews thanks to Ambulance Victoria.

Photos taken by Dandenong Rescue Crew members.

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