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Rowville Volunteers proudly serving the community since 1942

The Rowville Fire Brigade has four fire trucks. Two are CFA owned (Pumper and Tanker) and the other two are Brigade owned (Lighting and Slip On).

Rowville Pumper

Type 4 Heavy Pumper

Used mainly in the urban environment, attending structures fires and car accidents

Seating for 5 crew

Carries 2,000 litres of water

Pumping capacity of 4000 litres per minute

Rowville Tanker

3.4C Heavy Tanker

Used mainly in the rural environment, attending bushfires and where water is not readily accessible

Seating for 5 crew

Carries 3,750 litres of water with 750 litres reserved for crew protection

3.01m high, 7.83m long and weighs 13.9 tonnes

Rowville Lighting

Lighting / Salvage

Used to help in lighting scenes

Seating for 6 crew

Carries no water however, it has got a hydrant and hose on board

Light masts and generators plus various salvage equipment

Rowville Slip On

Slip On

Used mainly in the rural environment, where Tanker access is difficult

Seating for 5 crew

Carries 400 litres of water

Dial 000 in an Emergency

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