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Career Staff

Left to right: Tim C, Tim V and Peter

Introducing our Career Staff

At 0800hrs on Monday, 11th March 2013, the leadership of the Rowville Fire Brigade was officially taken over by Officer in Charge, Operations Officer Mark Kennedy, supported by Station Officer Tim Van Den Driest, Leading Firefighter Peter Decker and Firefighter Tim Cochrane as the first day shift commenced for the integrated Rowville Fire Brigade. As promised in the March Issue of the News we would now like to introduce these CFA career staff to you. They will be on call from Monday to Friday 0800 Ė 1800hrs until the new fire station is completed when additional staff will be employed to cover all shifts. You can be assured that these highly trained, dedicated members can be relied upon to provide the highest level of response to all emergency situations within the Rowville and adjoining communities. They will continue to be supported by the Volunteer members of the Brigade.

Station Officer: Tim Van Den Driest

Timís CFA history started as a Volunteer at Boronia from 1998 to 2003 and during this time joined Career Staff in August 2001.

Tim has been stationed at Springvale, Boronia and Hallam prior to commencing as Station Officer at Rowville. He has a passion for Training, in particular fire ground operations and CFA Policy and Legislation and is excited at the prospect of integration and being part of the challenges ahead.

He is committed to ensuring that the Rowville Fire Brigade continues to provide the community with a high level of response and professionalism with the aim of providing a safer community.

Leading Firefighter: Peter Decker

Peterís CFA history commenced as a Volunteer at Mornington in 2004 and joined CFA Career Staff in February 2006. He is an electrician by trade and was previously with the Australian Army, Infantry for 7 years.

Peter has been stationed at Scoresby, Mornington and Traralgon and was a Recruit Course Instructor at CFAís Fiskville Training Centre. His passion is passing on knowledge and skills through training, with a focus on safety at all times, and is a great believer in discipline and presentation.

His commitment is that we are all part of the one team and are here for a purpose. Our purpose is to provide a high standard of emergency response, including a proactive approach to risk management, within a professional integrated career/volunteer emergency service.

Firefighter: Tim Cochrane

Timís CFA history commenced as a Volunteer at Wonga Park in 2007 until 2012. He became a career firefighter in 2011 and since then has served at both Cranbourne and Patterson River fire brigades.

He is very excited about the future of Rowville Fire station and firmly believes we are all in this to support the greater community with the opportunity to develop great working relationships and demonstrate the benefits of integration. He is eager and enthusiastic to embrace this opportunity.

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