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Home Fire Safety 2013

Fire Safety and Keeping Warm

With the cold weather we’ve been having and look to still have for a little while, we at Rowville Fire Brigade would just like to provide a few tips to staying warm and staying safe this Winter.

If you are using portable electrical heaters, ensure you check your power lead to make sure there is no fraying or kinks which could cause a short within the cable.

Never overload a power socket, so if the heater won’t fit where you are, look at whether you need everything plugged into the socket or if the heater or something else can be plugged into another socket. You should also not use more than one power adapter in any socket, the best ones being those that you can switch off each individual socket, reducing the chance of sparking if you need to unplug anything while leaving everything else switched on.

With open fires check your flues at least yearly, to ensure there is no build-up which could cause smoke to come back into the house as well as increase the chance of embers spreading inside.

Ensure you use a fire screen with all open fires to help prevent accidental burns and help limit the possibility of a stray ember setting something alight.

Always put fires out completely before going to bed, making sure there’s little to no chance of it re-lighting during the night. The best way of making sure is to make sure all the ashes are black, not grey as this shows they have cooled and don’t have enough residual heat to light-up with help.

Lastly, always remember, if drying clothes near your heater, “A METRE FROM THE HEATER” always make sure you keep anything you’re drying at least a metre from the heater to reduce the risk of it catching alight and causing serious damage to yourself or your home.

Stringybark Festival is happening on October 19th and 20th and we will be there again this year to answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions, please feel free at any time to send an email to

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