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Rowville Volunteers proudly serving the community since 1942



The Rowville Fire Brigade is made up of over 50 volunteers who happily give up their own time to support and protect the Rowville community 24/7.

The current fire station is located at 1063 Wellington Rd in Rowville. The first Rowville fire station was located on Le John St and is now privately owned. Photographed above is our previous station at 1 - 5 Taylors Lane in Rowville which we vacated in early March 2014. The Rowville CFA is part of the Knox Group and is situated in District 13.

Fire calls have increased with our anniversaries due to residential and industrial development. To  give an indication of this increase we refer to our records to find that in 1972, Rowville had 11 fire calls compared with 403 in 2001/2002.

Due to the development in the area, 1984 saw the Brigade obtain Urban status while retaining the Rural status. Initially the Brigade fought bush/scrub fires, but now the Brigade is called out to MVA's (Motor Vehicle Accidents), washaways, house fires, factory fires, scrub fires, hazmat incidents - small & large. The Brigade is also called out to support the MFB and other CFA Brigades. we also participate in strike teams and provide educational sessions to the community.

Dial 000 in an Emergency

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